Kumba Iron Ore improves corporate financial data integrity with Hyperion Strategic Finance

“The integrity Hyperion Strategic Finance brings to financial modelling makes a massive difference and has a definite impact on strategic decision-making within a company.” – Inus Prinsloo, Kumba’s Strategy and Business Improvement, Finance Department

Keeps an eye on the future with Hyperion Strategic Finance

“The implementation of HSF has resulted in a cycle of continuous improvements in the strategic long term planningmprocess at Anglo Platinum. The potential impact of future projects on the overall group portfolio can be assessed and multiple future scenarios tested so as to assist in decision making. HSF has proven itself as a powerful and flexible planning tool for the SLTP analysts.”

Futuresense delivers financial insight for African Rainbow Minerals

Like many companies, business analysts at diversified mining group African Rainbow Minerals (ARM) use spreadsheets extensively to support insights into financial performance.

Ensures predictable water supply with Futuresense

“HSF provides us with a realistic view of where we will be and what operating conditions we will encounter in the future, depending on the current values entered. We are then able to calculate our future costs and find the tariff we need to charge now to meet those financial obligations.”

SABC meets delivery targets with Hyperion Strategic Finance

“Once HSF was installed, it was easy to determine what cash would be needed for the channel. Additionally, we needed to calculate what the mandated changes the corporation needed to implement would cost when implemented over time. To HSF’s credit, the system has continually delivered cash flow projections with 85% and higher accuracy.”