How we help the CFO


One thing is certain, a great CFO will usually differ from a good CFO by the way that he or she is able to project the long-term financial picture of the company, answer all the CEO’s questions and by how the company thrives based on these analyses. Futuresense can help put in place the building blocks that will enable the CFO improve their effectiveness by providing them with all their essential financial information quickly and accurately.

The CFO’s Role falls into 3 distinct categories


Accurate and timely reporting of:

  • monthly actual
  • actual vs. budget
  • actual vs. forecast
  • performance indicators
  • Governance / compliance issues
  • Sustainability

Implementing and managing a system of internal control over the entire accounting, reporting and financial function


Daily Cash Management (treasury function)

Cash to be available as and when needed

Investing the company’s cash to balance risk, return and liquidity


Developing a budgeting, planning, forecasting and economic modeling system.

Developing the optimum short- and long-term capital structure of the business

Providing strategic business advice and financial market intelligence to the CEO.