Implementation and consulting


Design and Innovation

With years of experience in financial management software implementations, Futuresense brings significant value to the scoping, planning and design of the applications that will enhance our client’s financial management processes.  We translate the client’s requirements into an effective and efficient system design making sure that the system is easy to use and maintain.

Our consulting services consist of:

  •  Enterprise Architecture
  •  Systems Integration
  •  Group Reporting services
  •  Budgeting and Planning
  •  Forecasting and financial modelling
  •  System Reviews
  •  System optimisation
  • Training and support
  • Administration of Hyperion Systems
  • Upgrading of Hyperion systems
  • Systems audit and documentation
  • Visual Basic programming
  • Finance-related Issues – tax, financial notes, cash flows etc.

Futuresense engages with the client as an implementation partner, working closely with them to achieve the ultimate objective of transferring skills. There are many configuration options available, but our experience ensures that the configuration is accurately structured for the client’s unique environment. Our clients are able to maintain the implementation themselves; however Futuresense will be available for on-going support.


Application Development and Deployment

We use a rapid development approach, emphasising hands-on prototypes to demonstrate functionality. We work with the client’s team, providing product knowledge and practical experience in the best application methodologies. The success of any application is contingent on its adoption by the end users. We help the client develop and deploy plans for testing, training, user acceptance and documentation to ensure a successful roll-out.


Financial Modeling

We have considerable experience in the implementation of Hyperion Strategic Finance and the design of strategic financial planning systems and will bring invaluable experience to your company. We are able to offer customised strategic financial planning, modeling and valuation solutions.


Financial Analytics

We combine financial management and analytics to help our clients manage their financial resources across business units and drive value across an organisation. Our team of specialised consultants can develop tailored planning, budgeting and forecasting solutions making them run better, faster, and smarter.


Project Management

Our project managers are not only of the highest quality but they have enterprise EPM experience as well. This gives them the ability to mitigate risk factors in various EPM projects. Our project plans describe all project activities, schedules, resources, acquisition strategy and support planning efforts to the very last detail.


Technology Integration

Futuresense has a strong technical team and can integrate EPM solutions with various source systems. We have strong skills in OBIEE, (ERPI), Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (FDMEE), Hyperion Application Link (HAL), Business Objects, Data Integrator (BODI) and Ascential Data Stage.