Performance monitoring and systems optimization

Maintaining your EPM environment involves accessing many system components to get a complete snapshot of your system’s health. Gathering all this information from the various sources and making sense of it is time consuming and cumbersome. With the dynamic nature of an EPM system, information is often outdated by the time everything is gathered. Through a strategic partnership with Accelatis, the leader in Oracle EPM management and monitoring in the cloud and on premise, Futuresense can provide the solutions you need to ensure top performance in all environments. With Accelatis Ascension Suite, built specifically to address the unique challenges of an Oracle EPM environment, most ongoing maintenance tasks can be accessed in a single console. Our holistic approach lets you see properties and activities from the Server, Application and Environment level. Having everything at your fingertips in real time gives you confidence that you have up to date information you need to make confident decisions. Ascension Suite works across all the Oracle EPM applications.